designers from the Flatland

interactive installation for Milan Design Week 2023
at Dopo? space, supported by Stimuleringsfonds
Curated by Cecilia Casabona and  Ramón Jiménez Cárdenas

data confession

interactive installation for Athens Digital Art Festival (ADAF) 25-29 May 2022, Athens, Kotzia Square
in collaboration with Martha Panagiotopoulou:
A simultaneous action of typing, searching and sharing of our unique data is being performed through our physical and digital body often under the prism of loneliness. The physical self coexists with the digital and they confess data to each other. the same time, the digital Other is there to hear, collect, save, share or even use these data. DATA CONFESSION re-approaches the idea of the Confessional in a post-human era. It aims to rethink the meditative and cathartic process of confession adjusted right here, right now in a digital reality. Visitors are invited to confess to an invisible other: the Internet. An affirmation that the uncomfortable, weird, unappealing online information that we seek or share on Internet search engines is in fact a confession that is stored forever in our unique algorithms. In this retro-futuristic communion the data world replaces the human presence. Can you healed by the digital Other?

ruins of power relations

video performance, 2020:

my data continue to transmute (?)

workshop organised by me for KABK @InsideStudio, November 2021 💥️
The main goal of this workshop is to divide which are those key-elements which select the participants in order to describe their familiar spaces, which is the other’s reactions on that and if we can think otherwise our personal domestic enviroments using the sharing, trust and communication. Through this performative strategy, the participants challenge themselves and others to observe the various behaviours, the game behind the rules and to deal with the expectations and situations.This can frame our critical exploration of intersections between present, familiar, -under control(?)- and future orientation abilities and spatial perspectives.

digital domestic diary

It can be work as machine which collects personal data of the various identities, it is processing them and forecasts a result.
digital representation of various domestic environments 2021 - 2022 🌈️


diary of relationships complexity, acrylics on paper, 2021-2022
  more soon  


with used materials from my mama’s house // plastics, marble, fake plants, wax, bricks, 2019

Omikron12 -- alive advertisments,
design thesis 

March 2018 at Patras School of Architecture 
supervisor Spanomaridis Athanasios

Nowadays we are living in the age of speed and information, or rather of speed in the information. Every single one of us is constantly bombarded by images that are almost lost to us as soon as they pass by in front of our eyes. Advertising as a medium is looking for more and more ways to promote a product and make it stand out in the eyes of the viewer.
Our focus lays on the city of Athens, a city that every day is hosting many events. The idea is the creation of a space in which the advertising process is transformed into an experience of dialogue between the advertiser and the viewer. It is a field of interaction between the two, in a real place and definite time. In other words, we create a scenario in which advertising becomes a part of a performance or the performance itself, interacting with the place, time and viewer live in front of him.
Defining the characteristics of the ideal location to accommodate this scenario, an area with intense human motion and flow is needed:

three scenography proposals

Sleeping beauty, Lolita, Miss Julie // models, 2019
I worked on them during my scenography seminars in Laboratory Scenography Athens (LSA) 2018-2019
Sleeping Beauty, Dolores Haze as “Lolita” and Miss Julie are the main characters in which we have based the following scenography project. A personal and years-long research was put together that is aiming to interconnect three different characters as a continuity and project them through my personal perspective.
I study the woman in 3 different age situations by placing Sleeping Beauty in pre-adolescence, Lolita in adolescence, and Miss Julie at early adult life (about age 25), thus, a comparison of the characters behavior through different fazes and situations is performed.
During this artistic research, multiple models including myself was placed several times as performers in carefully staged photos in order to describe different feelings, create aesthetics, enrich textures and use colors to identify each scenography model through personal experience.
Whilst in “Sleeping Beauty” the story is transferred to a static performance where the transparency of the textile materials used is dominant, in the case of “Lolita” the intensity of colors is increased gradually. I am trying to create a noise while the scenography design aims to promote a constant game of “hide and seek” between the characters of the project. On the other hand, “Miss Julie”, where it is already placed in the adult life, the colors are gradually becoming darker with ulterior motive to create different spatial levels on the drama:

lolita costume

installation // metal, plastics, plaster, 2020:





For commissions and collaborations:

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representation of familiar domestic environments, 2022, 118x42 cm

about resilient objects and lost memories, 2021-2022, 40x40 cm

dancing shimmering, 2022, 59.4x21 cm

ways of being together, 2022, 29.7x42 cm

building castles in the sand

site-specific installation, Messinia, 2019:


This is a site-specific installation project on the beach of Lagouvardos in Messinia, Greece. This particular beach holds a special place in my heart because I used to go there when I was young. Every year I visit at least once or twice to be reminded old and create some new memories. I was heartbroken to see the place I was raised to be destroyed by the consumerism. Multiple people and beach bars creating rubbish from plastic cups to cigarettes, ugly constructions created across the sea side. The place was not the same anymore, the purity and nature of the place was destroyed.  Sea pollution, nature exploitation/disruption that end up causing harm to all of us are results of wrong doings of mankind that is not respecting the land that we stand on:

day 1
day 2

day 3

doma - the new workspace

performance and installation for KABK / Master Interior Architecture /
undersupervision Michou-Nanon de Bruijn, November 2020
cotton textile. cotton rope, recyclable bubble wrap, glue, dimensions variable:
土 間 (do-ma) Work space (literally: earth place), especially in farmhouses with stamped-earth floors
The main purpose of this project is to investigate if we can create an outdoor workspace that we feel as free and comfortable to work as we are in our personal space. The basic fragments of the research consist of feelings towards comfort, clearness, organization, space economy, seating positions, focus, experimentation and exploration of our imagination limits. Composing all the above, a new way of approaching the work process is generated that goes beyond the borders of ordinary and provides the possibility to work anywhere.
Incorporating the mentioned elements in to space, the connection with the ground is intimate. Like children, we used to play with toys on the floor, wearing pajamas and without worrying about the time. Likewise, the floor is inviting and challenging us to restart our imagination and then get to work. Each time a new place is chosen, new images from our surroundings enrich our personal imagination, creating a ceremonial vibe that is completed when our limits are known.
With our main reference the Japanese tatami mats and influenced by the Japanese tea ceremonies, we start to build our construction that eventually will travel in various places. Using as main material the rope that symbolizes the limit, an extra surface is created that
provide comfort and protection. Moreover, a special toolbox is created to store our personal items that contribute in the work ceremony.
Either alone or sometimes with a guest, the imagination process is initiated and the work is starting: 


illustrations w/

Iliana Michali // summer 2021 and even further //
sharing memories and other experiences: 


Huis Dedel The Hague Museum Design
conceptual architecture for KABK // undersupervision Ira Koers, 2021:

around me 

installation, 2020:

some pictures and other pictures and other 


analogue maritime in greece 🌞️


at the end of the day, we dance together

site specific installation,
One day, when Care crossed the river...,
Duplex, Lisbon, group exhibition 24/03 - 07/04 2023
acrylics, oil pastels, thread, 5.5x1.5 m
curation: Valerie Rath
“...The traditional figure of the woman as mother and ultimate caretaker in everyday domestic life remains deeply engraved in our social understanding. Care is seen rather as a natural predisposition in women and not as a social role inscribed upon them through patriarchy – a role whose fulfilment requires actual work and a sacrifice of energy, time, freedom and self-determination. While these conditions resonate in Georgina's artistic work, they in no way dictate its perception. Georgina's work sparkles with joy in a long strand of a seemingly endless narrative of colors, free movement and communality. ‘At the end of the day we dance together’ is a reminder that even if care is a valuable good, it can also be a necessary act of autonomy to completely free oneself from it and dance together into the night without a care in the world...”
- Valerie Rath, extract text

real estate paradise

participatory performance & site-specific installation
Performance Rooms 2023, Kappatos Gallery
Project curation: Lydia Lampropoulou 
‘Real Estate Paradise’ is a site - specific participatory performance whereas the audience visit an interior design studio which is also their future residence in the heart of Athens. The project aims to challenge the current phenomeno of the gentrification and real estate effect especially after the covid19 era bringing on the front our real needs within familiar networks.
Almost 70 participants took part in the performance and imagined their ideal intimate spaces
during 26 - 27 - 28 January 2023.

feeling sold

zine publication by Common Ground Practice
in collaboration with Ilaria Palmieri
[edition of 20]
Riso printing on EOS 90gr paper
Den Haag, January 2023
The market of employment requires us to present ourselves through curriculum vitae (CV). A A4 document where we are supposed to fit educational and working life. No matters what brought us from experience 1 to experience 2; the more the document looks like a list, the better it is. We are used to knowing that highlighting the names of the offices where we worked and the amount of time spent there is a good move to catch the attention of the reader. Should that be the priority? Or should our struggles and emotions be manifested?

her🌸️practice: biases, glitches and oppressive values or a happy domesticity!

Graduation project for Royal Academy of Art - The Hague, June 2022
The project won the Stroom Young Talent Award 2022

‘Her Practice’ is an interdisciplinary design project aiming to tell her story; to bring things to the front; to establish a new design practice following an intersectional feminist approach. This practice focuses on the “dialogue” that should be carefully cultivated when the designer and user come together, before and during the design process. This practice simultaneously aims to create future domesticities which not only satisfy and facilitate the user but that also shape social behavioral patterns.
The proposal takes the public through an interactive route which tells this story, my quest, and finally empowers other individuals leading them to read, to listen, to understand, to experience, even to identify themselves with my autobiographical story. Through my grandmother’s kitchen I question the gender performativity and patriarchal structures working as common ground which allows the users to embrace their own truths as they compare facts, objects, spatial paths or behaviors with their own domestic environments.
‘Her Practice’ is telling her story also in order to encourage other individuals to tell their own. When the designers know, understand and consider the real needs of the users, listening and accepting their own “truths”, then they can achieve a resilient design that respects the users, meets their needs and finally inspires them. 
Through this practice I see myself as a critical practitioner rather than expert, believing that everyone can be potential expert based on their own lived experience. Thus, I invite other users to explore, discuss and develop together this practice exercising on my grandmother’s house through the alternation of scale, spatial qualities and domestic rituals. This collective process drives us to exchange thoughts and common visions for a new design paradigm which reflect more equal and inclusive worlds using a feminist approach.
Read my thesis here

if, witchcraft realities 🃏️

Participatory performance @Marineterrein, Amsterdam, NL, June 2021
My name is Action and I know nothing about your past. If you see me around, come and play with me. The “if, witchcraft realities” (2021 edition) is a role-playing game based on 7 different characters who try to create an alternative map of Marineterrein following seven stages. The characters’ names are Dream, Idea, Space, Object, Look and Feeling and each player choose one. In the first stage every player gets one witchcraft bag with his 7 cards, the tools for building the map, and the rules card. Each card corresponds to one of the seven stages of the route starting from the Escape stage. Action will drive you to next stages which are the Possibility, Listening, Choice, Voice, Door and Orientation stage. Also keep that Action is the key character. During the stages you have to speak out the cards and/or to perform the words. In the final stage, you have to use the tools of the bag in order to build your own image on the common map. Each player who imprint his perspective according also the rules during the game, wins his access to the real world.

Players: 1-6
Duration: 45 min

Focusing on the male-female dipole, we observe a continuous trend in recent years where everything tends to be reversed, to mix, to coincide, to become one in a world that is evolving, without inequalities where everyone has the right to choose. The public and private space must be adapted towards this path and the needs born out of it.

click to read the dialogues:

6 digital drawings 


Here some photos from the performance. Soon I will upload the video (;

to start from my own privileged space/to escape from that/to listen carefully the others/to listen carefully the space/to have the ability to judge/to search always for possibilities/to respect the human/to respect the space/to discuss before doing/to do experiments/to be able to destroy something/to be able to make it better/to read, to informed, to know/to have the ability to read over the 2 sides/to remember what I would do if I was 5 years old/to help always for a more inclusive world/to be orientated.


My name is Georgina Pantazopoulou (Greece,1994) and I am an interdisciplinary artist, designer and architect currently living and working in The Netherlands. I completed my MA in Interior Architecture from Royal Academy of Art, the Hague in 2022 and I am a Stroom Young Talent Award 2022 recipient. I have also studied in the Architecture Department of the University of Patras (M.Arch, 2018). I believe that the contemporary position of a designer should be based on a feminist, intersectional, anti-capitalist and decolonial orientation. My practice, starting from the observations of domestic realms wants to question and reinvent the levels of familiarity, creativity and imagination using the design as a soft power for more equal and inclusive interactions.


This site is a WORK IN PROGRESS and is just a snapshot of my practice.


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I need to write a poem about the sea but I don’t know how to start💦️

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